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12/11 - AC Variety's 'Open Mic' at 3 PM

Kenootz Pizza

Community: Midlothian
Address: 4659 147th Street
Phone: 708-535-0005

Hours: Monday: 11am to 10pm
           Tuesday: 11am to 10pm
           Wednesday: 11am to 10pm
           Thursday: 11am to 10pm
           Friday: 11am to 12am
           Saturday: 11am to 12am
           Sunday: 11am to 10pm

Well-established, bare-bones pizzeria serving pies in multiple crust styles & other Italian dishes.


1/2 Price Pizza

20" Pizza with 1 topping, 20 Buffalo Wings & a 2 Liter of Coke for $29.95


*Information is not guaranteed by AC Variety Productions, LLC. Establishment is responsible for providing updates.